Best Bed & Breakfast in North Vernon, Indiana.

Downtown Bed & Breakfast is located in downtown Vernon, northern Indiana, proud to announce its newly renovated guest room and its redesigned website. When staying in your bed and breakfast room, choose one of the three tastefully decorated rooms that were renovated in 2007.

Double bed and breakfast room offers luxury queen bed and small twin bed is well dressed and comfortable for home. Every room has a wizard, towel, towel, towel and linens, extra seating, radios, watches, cables, wireless internet, and more.

While staying in this intimate bed and breakfast, you will enjoy a hot breakfast each day in your own Front Range Café. With exposed brick walls and pictures of the passing railroad, Café Front serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

North Vernon has a lot to do, especially if you like the outdoors. While visiting North Vernon, enjoy a day at the local 18-hole golf course, visit the nature reserve or spend some time at Muscatatuck Park. If you like extreme sports, Muscatatuck Park offers rock climbing, mountain biking, canoes and kayaks. In the evening you can visit the renovated and re-opened Parkland City Center at the North Novell Center (performing at the Arts Center). The bed and breakfast in the city center is also located in the center of some of India's greatest exhibitions. Jenning County Fair, Jackson County Expo in Brown Town, and Oklahoma City in Shimr.

Come and relax and refresh yourself on the Bed & Breakfast at Norton and make sure to dine in their own Front Range Café, you'll be glad you did.

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