Mount Houston – Aurora Indiana.

Sitting on a 10-acre tract on a hill overlooking the Ohio River, Hailmigel Mallor has an impressive sight. Interestingly, it is a pastel color. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992, it is honored to be designated a National Historic Landmark, thus placing it at the same level of prominence as Thomas San Santo Nicholso.

Designed in 1853 by Henry Rogers, the architect known as the "Father of the Modern Hotel," it was designed for Thomas Git and his family who owned it from 1855 until 1891.

River shipping and boating is an essential element of the Gif business and is reflected in the architecture of the home.

Although based on Renaissance Italian architecture, the two-story house design reflects Gaff's involvement in the shipping industry, with its full-width front porch being noted on the roof of St Matthew's. . Among them are many features, such as sunglasses, windows, plaster ceilings, museum rooms and a wine cellar.

The suspended staircase was modeled after the end of Grand Salon on the elaborate river at that time. Reportedly, Gaff used to ride horses up these stairs and outside the back door.

Thomas Guiff was born in Scotland in July 1808. After coming to the United States, he learned the paper and the beer making business. Along with his brother Jack, they were involved in many other businesses, including a Nevada jewelry store, a silver mine, farming, corn and construction, canal work, machinery and a mill in Columbus, producing grain. The world's first production.

In need of carrying their own beer and beer products, they also own the shop. During the Civil War, they supplied an army unit to the navy when one of them, Queen Forest, became the headquarters of General William Tecumseh Sherman and successfully overthrew the closure of Vicksburg.

In their free time, the brothers participated in various social affairs, helped organize the local school system, set up the First National Bank of Aurora and served on the City Council.

Today, the hypermarket is a non-profit museum and is open to the public.

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