Blessing of Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Montezuma is located south of the Nicaragua Peninsula. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its proximity to major Costa Rica attractions, such as the first Blanco National Park, Costa Costa Rica, Tortuga Island and Curu Wild. Life Reserve.

Montezuma Beach is wide, the sand is soft and clean, and the water can turn up at any time of the year, like many beaches in the Pacific Costa Rica. From these beaches you can see the dawn, usually starting at 5:30 am.

The most popular areas of the motorcycle's motorcycle are:

  • Waterfall: They travel about 10 minutes from downtown (actually 10 people on bikes and 15 people on bare feet) or a few minutes with vehicles (parking available). There are three beautiful waterfalls stacked on top of a hill and over 15 meters high. Travel can be a bit intense, and at times you may need to use a rope (closed in the mountains, like the Indiana Jones starter). If you are a strong swimmer and are not afraid of heights, you can jump from the rock to the deep pool of the second waterfall, not for the faint of heart! But remember to do it carefully.
  • Piedra Colorada: Located just before Playa Grande and after the Hotel Ylang y Ylang. The Piedra Colorada begins as a waterfall and ends as a small, gentle stream flowing into the ocean. Here you can enjoy the cool juicy waters of the falls and at the same time the atmosphere of the ocean while checking in (or if the spirits move you in), the state of the art meditation balances the "balanced rock" at Riverside has been established for many years by tourists and locals.
  • El Chorro and Playa Cocalito: From the city center of Montezuma, it is a two and a half hour walk / hike on the beach. For those who do not want to walk, there is another entrance from the Timor Beach, but believe me when I say that walking is worth it (horseback riding is also an option). You will get to experience four beaches on this tour. Montezuma Beach, Piedra Colorada, Playa Grande and finally Cocalito. Here you will find the River Cocalito, where water will delight and interest you on the bottom and cool on the surface. From the river you will see & # 39; El Chorro & # 39; Waterfall It is a wonderful place where fresh water flows in and mixes with the ocean as nature brags in good works. Once in El Chorro, if you still have it in you after the hike, head up the rocky ridge and you will see great views of all the beaches you just came across on foot.
  • Butterfly Garden: The gardens are lush, tropical and peaceful. A great opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of lepidoptera (read: butterfly), you should never leave Montezuma without seeing this.

Montezuma is a small town with two lanes but is sure to be a never-ending boredom. There are plenty of excursions offered in the area, from island trips to horseback riding, fun rides … and those are just daytime activities! About Night, Choices, Choices, Options. Enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the most unique restaurants in the city, or cook yourself on the beach, then watch a jam / fire dance from where you eat, then partner and go to a bar dance. Unique in the city .. .Chico & # 39; s!

Although Montezuma is a small town, there are plenty of accommodation and vacation rentals to choose from. Tropical vacation rentals have the best choice of vacation rentals to suit couples / honeymoon, family and friends, check it out and make your most perfect holiday in Montezuma.